For many people, buying a home may be the single largest long-term investment of their lives. The process can be a stressful one, with numerous factors to consider before deciding on the “perfect” home for you or your family. While almost everyone agrees that Central Texas is a great place to live and work, other questions always remain.

    Is the neighborhood desirable? The local school? How far is the commute? Will my home appreciate in value? How much space do we need? These are only a few of the questions prospective homebuyers ask themselves on the journey to becoming homeowners, and when these concerns have been satisfactorily addressed, it is often easy to become attached to the choice despite any potential problems that might exist.

    With so many questions to answer, the last thing a homebuyer wants to discover after the fact is that their new home is unsound, unduly worn down due to the ravages of time, or suffering from the neglect of proper maintenance by a previous owner.

    A professional third party home inspection is therefore a critical step in the final decision to purchase a particular home. A professional home inspection is a detailed visual, as well as “hands on” evaluation of the four main components of a home- its structure, mechanical and electrical systems, plumbing systems, and attached appliances.

    Our state licensed, professional home inspectors will determine during the course of the inspection whether the components of the above systems are indeed functioning as should be expected or warrant further evaluation prior to purchase. Allow Austin Inspector General, LLC to take these important concerns of yours and make them ours as well, so that you, the homebuyer, can be certain that you’ve truly found THE house to call home.

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